Software Testing Training- Roles And Responsibilities Of A Software Test Architect

October 22, 2013 at 12:58 PMAdministrator

Software testing is a set of activities which is done in a planned way in order to judge software’s quality and its services. This testing process is broadly classified into two ways- automatic or manual way. Generally this classification is based on role as well as significance of testing procedures. With the help of this testing procedure one can detect defects or flaws in functioning of software. This is why this testing process is said to be an essential part in IT industry. Hence because of its importance, these days lot of candidates are opting this line as their career. If you also wish to pursue a career in this line as successful software tester then you must choose best institute for software testing training. You must choose only best and reputed institutes from where you can get placements in top-notched companies.

Under software testing training program candidates will get to know roles and responsibilities of software testers. Main responsibility of a software tester is to ensure product quality and functioning, besides this he is responsible for test strategy formulation, for providing technical leadership as well as strategic direction to testing organization and there are many other responsibilities of software testers.

Other than responsibilities and roles, there are several attributes which are expected from a software tester. Extensive technical skills, excellent communication skills and self-management are some key attributes which are expected from a software tester. You will get know about these under your Software testing training course.


Hence for better understanding about roles and responsibilities of so a software tester you must take software testing training course

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