Software Testing Training- Roles And Responsibilities Of A Software Test Architect

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Software testing is a set of activities which is done in a planned way in order to judge software’s quality and its services. This testing process is broadly classified into two ways- automatic or manual way. Generally this classification is based on role as well as significance of testing procedures. With the help of this testing procedure one can detect defects or flaws in functioning of software. This is why this testing process is said to be an essential part in IT industry. Hence because of its importance, these days lot of candidates are opting this line as their career. If you also wish to pursue a career in this line as successful software tester then you must choose best institute for software testing training. You must choose only best and reputed institutes from where you can get placements in top-notched companies.

Under software testing training program candidates will get to know roles and responsibilities of software testers. Main responsibility of a software tester is to ensure product quality and functioning, besides this he is responsible for test strategy formulation, for providing technical leadership as well as strategic direction to testing organization and there are many other responsibilities of software testers.

Other than responsibilities and roles, there are several attributes which are expected from a software tester. Extensive technical skills, excellent communication skills and self-management are some key attributes which are expected from a software tester. You will get know about these under your Software testing training course.


Hence for better understanding about roles and responsibilities of so a software tester you must take software testing training course

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Opt for software testing training courses for great career opportunities

October 22, 2013 at 12:39 PMAdministrator

Software Development Life Cycle comprises of several phases so that quality software can be produced. One phase that severely determines quality of a software and its effectiveness is software testing.  This phase determines whether the modules that have been made are effectively producing the desired output for which they are being made. Software testing is an attractive work field where you can earn handsome amount of money but for that you have to thoroughly polish your skills and abilities before thinking about starting your software testing career. There is a number of software testing training courses provided by numerous centers both in online as well as offline classroom mode. Duration of courses purely depend on what kind of software testing training course you have pursued for.

Software testing training courses are designed in order to let you understand all kinds of testing methods from alpha & beta testing, integration testing to system testing. Most of testing centers include in their curriculum onsite visit to software companies to let candidates see how software testing is performed on software.

Besides offering quality courses, many software testing training institutes offer guaranteed placements to students. However, it is better that you do not get trapped in such propositions and choose a wrong institute; instead, it is better to search every minute detail about the training center, its training facilities and faculties before joining any institute.


Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, get certified in software testing from a good software testing training institute and open a great career opportunity for you.

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You can undergo QA training to get familiar with QA cycle

October 18, 2013 at 10:16 AMAdministrator

Quality is an essential component in any product. Therefore Companies, nowadays, lay special importance to quality assurance (QA) activities. QA simply means to maintain a preferred level of quality in a product. Companies usually outsource their QA activities to professionals that are proficient in this field of quality assurance. In order to become a QA professional, one has to undergo rigorous QA training.

There are plenty of training centers both online as well as offline that provides numerous QA training courses. These courses can either be diploma or certification based; both courses can get you into this demanding yet lucrative field of quality assurance.

Quality assurance comprises of four phases which is what is being taught in several QA training courses. These phases are continued as repeated process in loops to maintain quality of the product. Those phases are:

Plan:  companies should plan process according to their goals and determine those processes that would be needed to deliver a top quality product

Do:  an important phase in quality assurance cycle where processes are developed and tested. QA professionals can also ask companies to do necessary changes if they think so.

Check:  monitoring, modifying and checking all processes so that they should meet predetermined objectives.

Act: implement necessary actions to processes that have been checked in “check” phase to attain improvements in processes and ultimately in end product.

The gist of the matter is that it is very essential for you to undergo QA training for a great career in QA activities.

BA Training- Role Of A Business Analyst In Methodologies Software Development

October 18, 2013 at 9:14 AMAdministrator

BA Training has now become much-sought after training as the demand for business analyst has increased significantly. Field of BA or Business analyst offer tremendous potential and scope   in today’s competitive world. This is why it is very important for BA aspiring candidates to get professional training and degree of business analyst. Therefore, if you wish to pursue your career as business analyst trainer then you must take BA Training from any reputed and known company.

With this training, you will be able to understand meaning, importance and role of a Business analyst in business enterprises. As you know that a project of software development without proper and appropriate business analysis is useless. This is why it is very important for every candidate to acquire best BA Training course so as to understand role of a business analyst more effectively.

There are many roles of a business analyst trainer which greatly depends on type of industry you are hired in. superior attention to each and every detail, excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills. Besides this, business analysts gather information for smooth and agile development. They are required to carry out meeting on frequent intervals with clients to incorporate new ideas so as to get optimum results. Their prime responsibility is to prioritize their work so as to give value to their client’s business.

Hence BA Training is the easiest way to understand about importance and key role of business analyst.

In-house QA training helps companies to reduce their expenses considerably

September 25, 2013 at 5:38 PMAdministrator

Quality Assurance (QA) is a widespread technique that covers all matters that might individually or collectively manipulate quality of a product. This technique is implemented with the intention that requirements for a service or product will get fulfilled. It includes checking the product against already laid standards, systematic measurement, checking of processes and error prevention mechanisms. It is mandatory for every company to launch only those products that meets the quality criterions. QA does not only check the product’s quality but also enhances the reputation of the company.

Several of the companies outsource these quality assurance activities to experts of this field and in turn pay good amount of money to them in order of their services. Nowadays, companies have started to train their own employees by giving them proper QA training so that they do not have to go to professionals all the time to check for their products’ quality. Also, this in-house QA training has proved a boon for companies to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Although professional trainers charge hefty amount of sum from companies for in-house QA training but yet companies go ahead for this in-house training because they tend to think this in-house QA training of their employees as a onetime investment and will benefit the company in the longer run. You can also go for QA training as an individual for better career opportunities in this sector.


Companies have found a great ally in in-house QA training to combat against increasing expenses.

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QA Training Is Essential For Understanding Activities Involved In Software Quality Assurance.

September 23, 2013 at 7:43 AMAdministrator

If you wish to seriously consider a career in software industry and want to choose job profile quality assurance tester, then fort that you must have good and proper knowledge about quality assurance activities which are included in it. For this you have to take QA training as it is essential for properly understanding QA services. Quality assurance is a systematic process of monitoring software development methods and practices used for ensuring quality of software.

This process encompasses entire procedure of software development which includes activities or services such as coding, control on source coding, requirement definition, software designing, testing, code reviews, product integration, release management and configuration management. Control of source code or revision control is one of most important activity which is included in software quality assurance process. This activity is a management of modification done to computer program, documents and some other collection of information. Hence to get complete knowledge about this activity you must choose best QA training course from reputed institutes.

Code review is yet another important activity of SQA process which you need to understand. This can be done with the help of QA training course. Code review is a regular examination of source code of computers. With this activity one can easily find as well as remove vulnerabilities like memory leaks, race conditions, buffer overflow and string exploit format. To perform this activity, you need to get professional training, which is possible only through best QA training courses.

Hence if you want to get complete knowledge about various activities included in quality assurance of software, then you must choose QA training

Career Prospects After Successful Completion Of BA Training Under Best Instructors

September 23, 2013 at 7:41 AMAdministrator

Business analyst training is being provided by various professional trainers as well as schools. Online training sessions are also offered by leading trainers. But before on can opt for this BA training course, it is significant to know what career opportunities are there for a qualified business analyst. Numerous industries require professional services of a Business analyst for conducting various operations and playing certain important roles.

After you complete your BA training successfully, you can opt for a job as a consultant, whose work is to serve stakeholders in analyzing their business goals and recommend appropriate strategies so as to meet their objectives along with enhancing their profit margin. You can also work in process analysis field, where you are required to scrutinize various business processes and prepare reports. Another important task performed by a BA expert is that of data modeling.

One other important role is to examine requirements of businesses and make proper documentation for same. This report is further utilized by project team so as to fulfill essential requisites and deliver quality products and services to clients.

System analysis and management consultancy are two other areas of operation which you can opt for after completing your BA training. While analyzing systems, you are required to convert business requisites into functional ones which can further be utilized by development team. In management consultancy, assistance is provided to stakeholders regarding formulation of potential strategies.

All in all, significant career opportunities are wide open for you after BA training

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There are a number of quality online and offline BA training institutes that provide certification courses in Business Analysis

September 23, 2013 at 7:30 AMAdministrator

Business analyst is an important job profile in any organization as a business analyst has to understand his organization’s business needs, assess its potential impacts, examine, capture and document those needs. The job does not end here, he has to communicate all the time with all employees to gauge their work and tell them about the exact requirements of clients. From production to delivery, a business analyst foresees each and everything.

If you have fluent English, great communication skills, impressive public relations skills and a better ability to ask questions then you can easily become a business analyst. All you need to do is to opt for any certified or diploma BA training courses for a better career. There are courses aplenty both online as well as offline that teaches and trains you about what exactly BA is all about, skills that are required for being a BA and different functional areas that a BA has to have knowledge about.

Candidates mostly prefer online courses as it saves time and also does not compromise on quality either. Most online courses provide BA training in about 8-10 e-mail lectures while some other BA training websites offer knowledge nuggets which includes videos related to several BA topics. These training websites reflect the present & future demands of possible changes in business.

By opting for BA training, you have given yourself a great chance at fantastic career opportunity. 

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Invest In BA Training Courses For Acquiring Essential Skills Of Business Analyst

September 21, 2013 at 11:58 AMAdministrator

Business analyst is one who analyzes effectively improving situations and scrutinizing operations of business. Business entities often face complicated projects which require expertise handling. Hence to imperative identify and understand this problem, a business entity need expert or skilled professional called business analyst whose skills can rectify or solve this problem. This is why it is said that in almost every business entity need for a business analyst is prominent. Therefore it is very important for BA professional to get best BA Training from best and reputed institute.

Through this BA Training professionals can upgrade their knowledge in this field by enrolling in BA certification. There are many institute and colleges offering this course along with placements in various companies. Hence those who wish to pursue a career in this field must join only best and reputed institutes which offer placements in top-notch companies. Apart from getting placements and certification one can acquire essential and important skill of Business analyst with this training program.

Through BA Training professionals can enhance their analytical skills. Under this training individuals learn repeatable practice techniques and steps such as how to begin project, enhance critical thinking skills, required management and analysis and lastly how to stay organized. Candidates will be able choose right or appropriate elicitation technique according to various projects requirements. Through this training course candidates get practical tips for building expertise as well as confidence by using required independent methodology and delivery strategies.


Hence if you wish to pursue a successful career as Business Analyst then you must take BA Training from best institutes. 

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Analyzing Various Courses Offered For Software Testing Training

October 15, 2012 at 10:00 AMAdministrator

With rapid emergence of IT sector, opportunities for software testing have also enhanced significantly. Various professionals and training schools are offering on-site as well as online software testing training to interested candidates. Such courses let you to enhance your work efficiency as well as career prospects as a software testing expert. If you also have interest in this field, you can opt for best training programs for getting required qualification and certification for software testing. Here’s providing some general information regarding aspects covered under such training programs.

Software testing training is initiated with basic introduction about software testing and engineering. Further guidance is provided regarding management of testing process as well as estimation techniques. Detailed knowledge is imparted regarding advanced technology testing tools like XDE, RAD, WinRunner, SiteScope, JUnit, etc. Interactive sessions are organized under qualified professionals. In addition, practical knowledge is provided so as to develop your skills to handle real-time projects.

Various courses are offered for beginners as well as experienced candidates. Foundation level course basically deals with quality analysis, designing of testing cases, strategizing plan of action, execution techniques as well as reporting on any defects. Team management skills are also developed for effective project implementation. Other than this, various advanced level courses for software testing training focus on providing in-depth knowledge regarding management as well as organization of testing projects.

So you can opt for any software testing training course as per your requirements and develop your skills to serve your prospective employer with all your excellence.

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