You can undergo QA training to get familiar with QA cycle

October 18, 2013 at 10:16 AMAdministrator

Quality is an essential component in any product. Therefore Companies, nowadays, lay special importance to quality assurance (QA) activities. QA simply means to maintain a preferred level of quality in a product. Companies usually outsource their QA activities to professionals that are proficient in this field of quality assurance. In order to become a QA professional, one has to undergo rigorous QA training.

There are plenty of training centers both online as well as offline that provides numerous QA training courses. These courses can either be diploma or certification based; both courses can get you into this demanding yet lucrative field of quality assurance.

Quality assurance comprises of four phases which is what is being taught in several QA training courses. These phases are continued as repeated process in loops to maintain quality of the product. Those phases are:

Plan:  companies should plan process according to their goals and determine those processes that would be needed to deliver a top quality product

Do:  an important phase in quality assurance cycle where processes are developed and tested. QA professionals can also ask companies to do necessary changes if they think so.

Check:  monitoring, modifying and checking all processes so that they should meet predetermined objectives.

Act: implement necessary actions to processes that have been checked in “check” phase to attain improvements in processes and ultimately in end product.

The gist of the matter is that it is very essential for you to undergo QA training for a great career in QA activities.

QA Training Is Essential For Understanding Activities Involved In Software Quality Assurance.

September 23, 2013 at 7:43 AMAdministrator

If you wish to seriously consider a career in software industry and want to choose job profile quality assurance tester, then fort that you must have good and proper knowledge about quality assurance activities which are included in it. For this you have to take QA training as it is essential for properly understanding QA services. Quality assurance is a systematic process of monitoring software development methods and practices used for ensuring quality of software.

This process encompasses entire procedure of software development which includes activities or services such as coding, control on source coding, requirement definition, software designing, testing, code reviews, product integration, release management and configuration management. Control of source code or revision control is one of most important activity which is included in software quality assurance process. This activity is a management of modification done to computer program, documents and some other collection of information. Hence to get complete knowledge about this activity you must choose best QA training course from reputed institutes.

Code review is yet another important activity of SQA process which you need to understand. This can be done with the help of QA training course. Code review is a regular examination of source code of computers. With this activity one can easily find as well as remove vulnerabilities like memory leaks, race conditions, buffer overflow and string exploit format. To perform this activity, you need to get professional training, which is possible only through best QA training courses.

Hence if you want to get complete knowledge about various activities included in quality assurance of software, then you must choose QA training